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2 February
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Hey whoever or whatever happens to be looking at my profile. I'm David, I plan on moving to Germany and own a book store one day and become a romance novelist umm i currently go to college at SPCC . I try to live in the swing of things, I'm fun-loving, but need to be serious when its neccessary. I'm not the most mature adult, and i dont intend to change for anyone, I can bend a little but try to break me and I will break your face. I'm a sucker for a good romance, but unfortunately life dosent come with background music, but ultimately I believe in true love I refuse to settle for less then I deserve. I love to read and I may come off as a bookworm/geek but i love to be outside and go camping and hiking. This is a little about me, no one can say everything about themselves in a "about me" so feel free to ask, thats the only way to get to know someone. Its called conversation.